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Case Study: Betting & Gaming

Building world class brand marketing with cross sector recruitment for a challenger brand in the gambling arena

Roles Covered

Brand Director
Head of SportsBook Marketing
Head of Brand & New Territories
Head of Insights
Head of Mischief Marketing


  • Five hires were eventually made
  • Four of the best FMCG marketers from P&G and Unilever
  • An insights specialist and a brand communication expert were also hired
  • The client acknowledged that there was nobody else who could have filled all of these briefs


This fast growing, digital centric organisation were convinced that their brand would be central to the future success of the business. They knew that only the best possible marketers would allow them to be effective in taking on their largest competition with smaller budgets.

When Hunter-Miller were briefed, the search was in disarray. Both the in-house team and another executive search partner, exploring different options, had expended considerable time and effort but without success.

It had become obvious that only the very best FMCG trained marketers would measure up. This talent market, however, had very little interest in the gambling sector, never mind a challenger brand in this space.

Inherent challenges

  • The gambling market is polarising and many outside the sector would simply never consider working there.
  • Given the need for candidates to come from the FMCG sector, even getting them to understand the opportunity was challenging.
  • The client’s standards demanded that only the very best people would be considered, requiring in-depth understanding of who these people were and an ability to rapidly reach and engage them.

Long term

The business is producing phenomenally strong growth and profit figures, outpacing their rivals by some margin.