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Case Study: Financial Services

Building best in class digital capability with global cross sector recruitment for a major financial services business

Roles Covered

Digital Product Director
Customer Experience Director
Digital Marketing Director


Three hires were made:

  • an individual from a California based gaming company
  • a commercial leader from a major player in the travel sector
  • a digital native with a background in both small and large companies


This major player in the insurance market wanted to affect a switchover into a digital first strategy. The desire was to enhance customer engagement rather than maintain the status quo while reducing cost. The challenge would require people with leadership skills as well as technical excellence.

Hunter-Miller were briefed to find a leader for a newly formed digital product team as well as an outstanding digital marketer.

There was obvious need to uncover unusual talent, which meant that broader options needed to be considered from the start. Different sectors (media, retail etc), scales of business (online start-ups through to global corporations) and diverse national markets (US, UK, Europe, Australasia, Asia) were all within the remit of the search process.

These searches proved to be a huge learning curve for Hunter-Miller as well as the client, deepening the understanding of cutting edge digital practice and talent for both.

Inherent challenges

  • A scarcity of genuine talent in the digital marketplace demanded a fully global, multi-sector search that embraced all sizes of business.
  • The employer brand was virtually unknown outside the UK, so considerable effort had to be made to engage prospective candidates
  • The sector was generally deemed unappealing by the best digital talent

Long term

The business is now producing best in class digital interfaces, which will result in enhanced customer engagement.