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Plutarch: Thoughts on People Management

The promise of gender equality seems closer than ever – at least at the bottom of the corporate pile

Thursday 4th September 2014

A quick look at our candidate database reveals the following: while men and women are broadly equal in number at the most junior level in FMCG marketing – if anything, companies appear to be over-recruiting women at entry level – the more senior levels are still staggeringly biased towards men. The numbers have crept along from even a decade ago, and the success of a Hillary Clinton or a Marissa Mayer is encouraging – but these women are exceptions to the rule. What is holding women back from leadership positions?

Plutarch in no way claims to offer comprehensive statistical reports – the absence of numbers reveals that much, and individual confidentially remains his priority. Nonetheless Hunter-Miller's vast network offers compelling anecdotal evidence, and some occasionally interesting insights.

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